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How to Build your custom box

The Build-a-Box option allows you to build your own unique box. You can select which items you want in your box and what your budget is for the specific box. You will start off with an opening fee. This fee is for the actual box that we will customize for you with the receivers name on the box. You can choose as little as one item to add to a box. PLEASE NOTE: YOU CAN ONLY BUILD 1 BOX AT A TIME. Every time you press ‘add to cart’ 1 box will be completed and added to the cart. If you need more than one customized box you will need to follow the steps below for each box. Whether they contain exactly the items or not. Example: If you want to order three of the same boxes you need to repeat the steps below three times. Please make sure of this otherwise you are only going to receive one gift box with all the items in one box and not individual customized boxes.



  1. On the left hand side is all the items that you can select. If you move over a product with your mouse a ‘+’ button will appear. If you click on the ‘+’ button the product will appear on the left hand side of the page filling one of the black boxes. All the products on the left hand side will be the items that will be placed in your box.
  2. If you want to remove a product that you have selected move of the product on the left hand side and click on the ‘-‘ button. This will remove the product from your box.
  3. If you want your box customized with the receivers name on the box then add the name in the field supplied. If you do not want any name on the box please add the word ‘none’ in the field supplied.
  4. Once you are happy with the items you have selected for the box press ‘add to cart’.
  5. You have now created your first box.
  6. If you wish to create more boxes with the same or different products inside of the box – PLEASE REPEAT the process and press ‘add to cart’ every time you have completed your selection for a box. Repeat this process for as many custom boxes as you require.
  7. Once you have completed the steps above for the amount of boxes you need - go to your cart and double check that the same amount of boxes you wanted are showing in your cart. Please also double check that the names you would like on the box appear in the cart and is spelled correctly.
  8. Proceed to checkout and enjoy your uniquely build boxes.


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